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Feel free to drop us a line either in e-mail or on the phone, for tech support questions e-mail will usually be your fastest option.

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Contact us

Sales, Business, and Public Relations Queries        For general business queries or website comments.      For purchasing questions, requesting volume licensing quotes, or other special licensing needs not covered by our online store.          For journalists, reviewers and other folks who need to talk to our PR team.

Phone:        619-436-9878
Twitter:       @tweetwalllive

Technical Support
If your question is regarding sales issues (i.e you’re looking for volume discounts) please contact sales.

For more information about how to contact our support department regarding other issues including feature requests and bug reports, please visit  our support page.

Legal Information
Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

The best way we have to make our products better is the feedback from our users. This means you! We encourage folks to send us bug reports, questions and thoughts  about how to make our existing products fit their needs more closely.

While we also encourage folks to send us their ideas about new products, we must make it clear that any product idea submitted to Tweet Wall Live & Superfecta LLC, either by word of mouth, email, telephone or other means immediately becomes the property of Superfecta LLC. This means that if we develop your idea or an idea similar to yours, you will not be compensated and it also means that we can use the idea for any purpose, including giving it away.

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