Tweetwall Live

Tweetwall Live lets you bring the growing momentum of social media to your venue or next event by enabling you display a live “Tweetwall” on an LCD screen, projector, or in house video system. A Tweetwall is a rolling live stream of messages that are viewable in the public timeline on Twitter that mentions a specific word that you want to follow, such as your venue name, your event name, or a sponsors brand.

By enabling your guests messages to appear on the wall, it encourages them to send “Tweets” out to their followers that mention your events name, brand or keyword that you choose. They will see their messages appear on the wall, exposing your venue or brand to thousands of users of Twitter!

Your customers become your best advertising method as they promote your event to their on-line Twitter followers and friends!

Full featured and customizable

We designed Tweetwall live to be an expandable platform that will help you leverage social media and social media networks to help promote your business, here are just some of the features that we offer:

  • Track as many or as few keywords or phrases as you want
  • Customize the look and feel of the Tweetwall to match your event or venue
  • Displays Twitpic, Tweetphoto, and Yfrog images dynamically
  • Optional integrated wireless camera system for branded photos at events
  • Blacklist/Whitelist users and language
  • Compatible with LCD Screens, Projectors or In-House Video Systems

We built Tweetwall Live as a platform to help you grow your business via social media and social networks.  Below is a list of our major features, but we are adding more all the time, so keep an eye out for new features.  If don’t see a feature that you need, feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

Track as many or as few keywords or phrases as you want

Tweetwall Live can be configured to track as many keywords or phrases that you want, such as: your event name, your venue name, brand names etc.   We usually recommend to keep the tracked keywords and phrases to a fairly short list.  If you add too many of them, the wall will never stop scrolling and the messages may not be pertinent to your event.  It’s always a good idea to create a hash tag for your event or venue that your customers can tag their messages with so that others can find them.

Customize the look and feel of the Tweetwall to match your event, venue or brand

Tweetwall live can be configured to have just about any look and feel that you can imagine.  Out of the box, we have several stock templates that can be used, or you can use standard CSS markup to customize the look and feel .

Displays Tweetpic, Twitpic  images dynamically

Twitter has become a very popular way of sharing photos with your friends and followers.  We have integrated several of the largest picture services into Tweetwall Live.   Now, when someone tags a Tweet that has a picture in it with one of the keywords you are tracking, we will display the image inline on the screen for everyone to see.   The duration the image stays on the screen can be configurable, as well as  disabling the option.

Black/White list users and or words

You have complete control over what appears on your Tweetwall.  If you want to block specific people or words, we can enable it out of the box, and also give you the ability to remotely manage these lists, without touching the machine.

Compatible with LCD Screens, Projectors or In-House Video Systems

Tweetwall Live can be configured to use a DVI or HDMI output depending on your video configuration.   The system by default will work in 1080P or 720P and can be easily attached to LCD TV’s, digital projectors, and even your in house video system.  Have a question about what would work best for you, or recommendations on AV rental companies?   Contact our sales department and we will answer any questions that you might have about video requirements.

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