By default the Tweetwall Live software presents a very basic theme, which is then able to be fully customized for your venue or event.

There are 4 key things you need to set to brand Tweetwall Live for your venue or event.

  • Search for – keyword(s) to display on the wall.  Each For example ‘twl OR ncbshow’.
  • Visible Tweets – how many tweets do you want displayed on the wall at one time.
  • Background Image – Usually a 1920×1080 graphic with your company branding or sponsorship.
  • Custom Style – allows you to provide your own colors and fonts to Tweetwall Live.

Search for

Tweetwall Live uses this setting to determine which tweets will be displayed on the Tweetwall Live.  If you choose too generic of a keyword your wall will have a non stop stream of tweets that are related to your venue.  Pick too difficult of a keyword, and no messages will show up.  It is best to use the twitter name you have assigned to your bar or venue.  If you want to display messages for multiple keywords, enter ‘ OR ‘ between each keyword.  ‘OR’ must be capitalized or it won’t work.

Visible Tweets

Tweetwall Live displays the most recent tweets on the screen.  You want to set this number based on the size of your video system.  The usual number for venues with a large HDTV that is 1080p (1920×1080 resolution) will want to set this 8.  If you are using an older projection system that is not as high of resolution, you might want to lower this to 6 or 7.  Also, the size of font you use will determine if you want a lower or higher number.

Background Image

The background image lets you choose any picture on the computer and display it behind all the tweets on your wall.  It is always best to have this be the exact same dimensions as the screens in your venue.  So if you are able to have HDTV that support 1080p make your background 1920×1080.

It is recommended to have a rather plain background behind the tweets. Placing your venue branding, and any additional sponsorship and instructions to the side or above the tweets.

Here are a couple example background files HDTV (ncbshow, onosushi, streetscene09) LCD Projector (sounddiego)

Custom Style

The Custom Style is the main way that you can customize Tweetwall Live.  It allows you to choose a color scheme, type, size and location of the background image.

Using the below text gives you a jump start and a quick way to get Tweetwall Live going.

body { font: 24px arial,sans-serif;  color: #143a4f; background-repeat: no-repeat;}
.tweets {margin-top: 1px; margin-left:360px;}
.tweet {margin: 10px; padding: 3px; border: solid 1px #FF6600; background: #202020; color:#FFFFFF; opacity: 0.8;}

There are only a handful of things you want to change in the above configuration.

  • font: 24px – This determines the size of the messages on the screen.  24 pixel’s is a good size for HDTV systems.
  • margin-top: 1px; – This determines how much space to put at the TOP of the screen, increase this number from 1 to 150 or 200 depending on the size of the branding at the top of your Tweetwall Live system.
  • margin-left:360px; – This is the area for your key branding, instructions, and sponsorship.
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