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When I run the Tweet Wall Live application the application loads and displays the version information, but never displays any Tweets

There are several issues that can cause this:

  • Ensure that you have a working connection to the internet
  • Check to ensure that your config.txt file has valid search terms for your wall
  • If you recently modified your CSS template, temporarily switch back to the default to ensure that your template CSS has not been corrupted.

The Tweet Wall seems to be working, but it doesn’t display some people’s messages

The most common issues that can cause this is a persons Twitter account is either set to “Private” or due to a bug in Twitter their account is not search-able.   Twitter is aware of the issue with some accounts not being search-able in the public time line and is attempting to fix the problem.

If the account in question is NOT set to private, try searching on their name at and see if their Tweets appear in the public time line, if they don’t display when you search for them at then their account is one that is affected by this Twitter bug.

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