One thing that is more true than ever, people hate spam.  I don’t know how many contests that I’v seen on Twitter where people are just placing some hash tag on the end of a Tweet trying to win a contest.

Annoying right?

One of the best contests that I’v seen was @onosushi where each week the owner or manager of the restaurant would take a picture of some obscure fish at the market where they buy the fish for sushi at, and they would hold a “Name that Fish” contest, and encourage people to guess the name of the fish, first person to guess it right got a $20 gift certificate to the restaurant.

Not only did it start a nice lively discussion on Twitter and get people thinking about sushi, it was on topic and people were actively enlisting their friends to help them get the name of the fish.

It’s these types of promotions that I think do the best job of engaging with your customers, but still doing it in such a way to make it fun, and interesting for everyone.